Hobos On BSC’s AMA Transcript

On July 21st, we had an AMA with the Hobos on BSC’s team to talk about the collection.

As you may know, on July 25th, the Hobos on BSC collection by Bnbhobos.wft was listed on Liquid Collectibles, so it was a great opportunity to have Mikee from their team answering questions and bonding with our community on Telegram.

So, without further delay, here you have a summary of how it went.

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: My name is Mike, and I started this project alone.

In less than two days after mint, I received such amazing support from the community that now I am helped by other members of the community with different activities for our community.

This is what I love about our community; we all help each other to grow the collection value without asking for something in return.

Efe (💎,🍌) @ EthCC: Exactly, the community is a really important factor, and it’s lovely to hear you have a nice community!

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: It was originally set to be a pay-to-mint project. This is my first Bear market, so I had no idea how NFTs will do in a bear market (probably nobody knew, as this is the first real NFT Bear market as well since NFTs blew up).

Exactly a month ago, after seeing that no collection will be successful if not minted in a couple of days, I decided to change it to a free mint.

The result? — Minted out in less than 5h.

Listed on major BSC marketplaces on the same day.

The collection is a derivative of the Hobostown collection on Ethereum, a collection that I knew it needs to be on Binance as well. The moment I saw that the original collection is declared a CC0 project, I started the work on the Binance one.

Last week we launched the second collection, which is (you guessed it) a derivative of the Hoboland collection on ETH.

Both collections are not a copy-paste 100%, as I tried to make them more Binance-specific. The most loved traits are the rainbow and the golden Toilet :)))

Efe (💎,🍌) @ EthCC: Haha, yeah, that looks like a nice strategy to me! You know the bear market is hard, but no one can say “No” for some free sexy Hobos NFTs :))

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf:


- working on creating an even more original derivative (if not 100% original) collection for the pets, our 3rd collection. These pets will come with a twist as we plan on doing something special for homes and pet owners. Cannot say more as it can be a bad idea, but we will try it for sure 😅🤣.

This will be a free mint (with some limitations in minting numbers) for holders of both current collections, and we do recommend holding the homes after this collection is minted.

- also planning on having a 4th collection with legendary hobos. This one will take longer to make, so we hope for our holders’ support on this to be patient.

- website page for holders only, where all the dedicated activities for holders will be posted.

- more to come :))


- grow the community and make them forget what collection we are and stay with us because we are doing an amazing job keeping them entertained.

If anybody has a suggestion or wants to help and be part of the community, we are a very welcoming family ❤️

Efe (💎,🍌) @ EthCC: Such nice goals and a lot of developments! Looking forward to the next collections :)

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: The lottery is easy, to be honest. You buy the ticket and keep your lucky charm close by.

The only condition we have for the draw to happen would be to reach the min threshold of 1 BNB in ticket purchase value which is 100 tickets.

💲 Ticket price: 0.01 BNB

📃 Each ticket: one entry in the draw.

🏆 Prize: 3 winners will split 90% of the lottery buys into 3 equal parts (e.g. If we sell 1 BNB of Lottery tickets, each winner will get 0.3 BNB).

5% will go to Community Vault for future development

5% will go to Sweeping Wallet for future sweeping

👉 Mint here: https://bnbhobos.wtf/lottery-mint/

Efe (💎,🍌) @ EthCC: Wow, I can hear my degen friends saying “I love it” haha

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: ❤️First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to our whales for understanding that we need more holders. They donated sooooo much and continue to do so. We started with like 180 holders or something like that, and we are now at 400 holders, mostly thanks to their giveaways or donations to the community vault.

🎉 Exciting is the fact that we are listed on your marketplace as well!

⚠️ Also, as soon as we manage to get ourselves a bit more organized, we will host some crazy “Hobos Street Fight” competitions on Twitch :)))

And we will not stop here. We will probably stop when we run out of ideas. 🤪

Efe (💎,🍌) @ EthCC: Oh, thanks for all of this information, Mike! I think now we can move to the live questions part; please choose 5 questions and feel free to answer them when you’re ready :)

Community’s questions

Deb: Bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes go into oblivion, how will your project stand the test of time? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: As much as we would like to promise you wealth, please remember we started as Free Mint with 0 funds. Most probably, royalties will continue to be used to gather NFTs and whether use their utility for our community or reward our holders.

minku: NFT ecosystem is huge, and there is fierce competition in the NFT space. Which NFT project do you see as your competitors? And how do you plan to compete with them?

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: Compete? Never. This was the first thing I said to all the projects I Collab with — we are in Web3, we are here to help each other and build together. We just keep on being open to the community and listening to their needs. If we can provide, we will do it for sure ❤️

Kylie Darsell: Because the present market for NFTs is seeing a massive volume drop owing to the bear season, it’s difficult to assign a value to an NFT and maintain it. Could you explain how you’ll handle NFT inflation? What methods will you use to ensure the value of your NFT collections remains stable?

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: I guess this is more of a question for collections that minted out or still minting at a price. We manage to keep the same floor price (0.01–0.03) as many other collections that holders paid to mint. This is all because we always find new ways to keep the holders interested in holding (competitions, giveaways, games, perks).

M¡kkel | Never DMs you first: Will every hobo get a dog in the future? 😜

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: hehehe, yeah, not only a dog, probably at least 10 different pets :) The community is very positive, and if you scroll the TG chat history, you will see that all the time someone needed help, it was attended by another community member, not necessarily by me. This is how it should be in every TG group chat :)

M¡kkel | Never DMs you first: I already got one hobo, so I will join the group soon ^^

I’M SILVER SURFER: Are you currently partnered with any NFT influencer or any NFT marketplace, or do you have plans to partner up with them in the future for more exposure?

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: Never used an influencer. Most have 100k followers and 100 likes or RT per post. We will eventually make enough noise to be heard by the real influencers, not the “ Hey buddy, visited your collection and I want to say is amazing! I believe I can help you make it even better” kind of influencer 😂

We are not partnered with any marketplace yet, but we got verified on the same day as the mint (for both collections) on 2 of the major ones. And now we are here ❤️ All this in exactly 1 month :))

Midnight Sun: Are there any utilities? Or perks for holding long term

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: I have a paragraph I pinned on our group chat I will add it here as well about this, but we will try to evolve and add as many perks for our holders as we can in time. I am almost done with a simple page on the website where only holders can log in via wallet verification, and there we will post all the perks as we have them.

All successful collections that everyone heard about has little to no utility. Is the community that is make it so successful.

So we need to raise the floor, shill it as hard as we can, build clubs like 4 traits only, poocoin turd only, rainbow only, etc. Imagine all 450 people from Twitter shilling the project everyday for a week. We would explode.

And remember, you are doing this for your bag, for your gain, not mine :))) We can be as big as any other collection. Growing so will attract investors that will create liquidity for us to build and create utility for the project. We are talking royalties, metaverse, IRL festivals etc.

Nothing can stop us if we really do an effort at the beginning. Look at Squadies, they do not even need to say anything anymore, everybody knows them :))

Just wanted to put this out there!

Apeguru: What would you say it’s the biggest challenge when launching and building an NFT collection?

Mikee — bnbhobos.wtf: Building is not hard as long as you have the idea and you love it. launching via contract takes exactly 10 sec and around 0.04 BNB. Marketing and getting it out there is the hardest part ever. Hobos is my 5th attempt :)))

Stay tuned on their socials to keep up to date with all the latest news!



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