Liquid Collectibles

Bringing liquidity to the NFT space

A new concept of buying and selling NFT’s is entering the market

Liquid Collectibles is the first platform on BSC for creating NFTs liquid markets allowing NFTs to be bought and sold instantly.

Let’s melt into liquid concepts!

What is Liquid Collectibles?

Liquid Collectibles is a first of its kind platform on BSC that offers NFT projects the possibility to go from simple NFTs to Liquid NFT collections, thus giving both the projects and their users benefits like instantly trading of NFTs, better price discovery, and new profit opportunities through DeFi features such as yield farming and staking pools.

Furthermore, Liquid Collectibles allows artists to create an index of tokens that represents an NFT collection.

Users can then purchase those tokens and cash them in to purchase an NFT from a vault that holds the NFT collection. Additionally, they can pair the index tokens with BNB to provide liquidity for the NFT collection, farm with the LPs from adding NFT liquidity, and ultimately cash out NFTs in the collection for the index tokens, which can then be swapped into BNB.

Let’s see how everything is perfectly related in the image below

What are Liquid NFTs?

Liquid NFTs are NFT collections tokenized as fungible tokens (like BEP-20 tokens) enabling them to be instantly traded on decentralized exchanges such as ApeSwap and making it possible to benefit from DeFi features, such as yielding and staking, this is what makes Liquid Collectibles different, what makes it great.

What about NFT indexes?

NFT indexes are the liquid part of Liquid NFTs and each collection has its own. They can be swapped both ways with NFTs from their collection and can also be used to yield farm.

LIMOi is Liquid Monsters’ NFT index, BULLi is The Bull Society NFT index, etc. All of them are identified with a lowercase “i” at the end.

We hope you want to be part of LICO!

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