Liquid NFT collections and their benefits

Liquid NFT collections are the future of NFTs and they’re here to stay 💦

Liquid NFTs: What are they?

Liquid NFTs are NFT collections tokenized as fungible tokens (like BEP-20 tokens) enabling them to be instantly traded on decentralized exchanges such as and making it possible to benefit from DeFi features.


Better price discovery

With the liquidity in place and trading volume established NFT indexes enters into price discovery which uncover a floor price and “prevents” users from selling below it. If you don’t know what NFT indexes are, check this medium article.

Utility through yield farming

Nowadays, your only way to make a profit by buying NFTs is selling them at higher prices, well Liquid Collectibles is here to change that, by giving you the possibility to trade your NFT’s for NFT indexes, which you can use to provide liquidity and stake into a Yield farm vaults where you get rewarded in the form of both LICO tokens and the NFT index token.

Instantly buy/sell NFTs

Forget about finding buyers or sellers and instantly buy/sell NFTs at floor price. Liquid Collectibles has vaults from different NFT collections where users can instantly acquire the NFT they like paying either with BNB or NFT indexes like LIMO°, also, users seeking to sell their NFTs can instantly tokenize their NFTs to acquire NFT indexes which can then be used to provide liquidity and farm or exchanged for BNB, stable coins, or any other cryptocurrency available on decentralized exchanges like ApeSwap.

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