Marketplace Phase 2: What To Expect

As was announced previously, we are working on the next phase of our marketplace, which will allow users to sell and buy NFTs at custom prices, make offers, filter by trait, see ranking info, and more.

Find all the details about these features below.

Buying and selling NFTs at a custom price

As you might know already, at Liquid Collectibles, users can instantly buy and sell NFTs at the floor price, an excellent feature for those looking to access liquidity for NFT assets and fungible tokens quickly.

But, we know floor-priced NFTs are not among the rarest and most attractive collectibles in the NFT space; that’s why our new marketplace will facilitate access to rare NFTs by allowing users to:

  • Make offers on NFTs using BNB and BUSD

All while still being able to purchase floor-priced NFTs with BNB and NFT indexes.

Rarity info and filters by trait

Liquid Collectibles’ website has no rarity information, and traits data is only available on the NFT details page (with no filtering option). However, filters by trait and rarity are coming to the new marketplace!


Security is a top priority subject in every project, especially in the crypto space, where vast amounts of money are handled daily. At Liquid Collectibles, we put our users and their safety first; that’s why we decided to go for a strategic partnership with Hashex, experts in blockchain audit and consulting, to build the new marketplace.

Hashex has audited more than 500 smart contracts and has secured more than $2 billion, making them the perfect partner to launch our new marketplace securely.

The Hashex team is in charge of smart contract development and backend development for the new marketplace, while the LICO team is in charge of UX/UI and frontend development.

If you’re excited about this as much as we are, then follow all our socials; we’ll be making updates on the progress and sharing some screenshots on what the new marketplace will look like.

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