Special Offer for NFA’s Liquidity Pool

From August 15th to 18th at 20:00 UTC, add liquidity to the Non-Fungible Apes’ yield farm without deposit fees.

Special offer for NFA’s liquidity pool. From August 15th to 18th, 100% off on deposit fees + 50% off on tokenization fees.* *4% deposit fees + 2.5% tokenization fees will not be charged between 15th and 18th August.

From August 15th at 20:00 UTC to 18th at 20:00 UTC, Liquid Collectibles will deactivate the 4% deposit fee for you to add liquidity to the Non-Fungible Apes’ yield farm for free! No deposit fees will be charged — 100% of your deposit will go to the pool.

Liquidity is needed for any asset to be traded, and the more liquidity an asset has, the less volatile and more stable it is.

Providing liquidity, you:

  • Can make your money work for you: your lovely Non-Fungible Ape (aka NFA) tokenized can now be a source of passive income, earning $LICO y NFA indexes while yield farming. And what is best is that those NFAi can be traded for NFAs!
  • Support the collection and facilitate the entry of new collectors.

Don’t you have NFAi? Don’t worry; you can tokenize your Non-Fungible Ape with a 50% discount on the tokenization fees, meaning an extra save of 2.5% on fees!

Important: Please be aware that the exact same NFT you tokenized (deposit) on the collection may not be available later if you want to recover it since someone else could have collected it.

And that’s not it — the 50% off tokenization fees apply to collecting NFAs too, so it’s a perfect time to grow your collection with some apes.

So there you have it. Next week, you’ll have 72 hours to use Liquid Collectibles utility to the bone and save up to 6.5% on fees!

Next week, for 72 hours, Liquid Collectibles will remove deposit fees (4%) for the Non-Fungible Apes yield farm. In addition, we will give 50% (2.5%) off tokenization fees for those needing to tokenize their NFAs to add liquidity. That’s up to 6.5% for the Non-Fungible Apes community to take advantage of and support the collection.



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